What’s Driving You?

Whether you’re aware of it or not, as soon as you open your eyes in the morning something is motivating you to meet your day, and all that it will entail. From a broader view, there is something that motivates us to engage life and all of its joys and sorrows. My experience has been that some days need more of this motivation than others, a question that I have pondered at times but more so in the recent past.

When I was younger my motivation was inspired by an innocence and wonder of all that this life had to offer. As I experienced life on life’s terms, including painful experiences, disappointments, successes, and challenges, my source of motivation shifted from a sense of invincibility to a drive for survival. Yes, there was joy along the way, but my motivation had changed. Through the awkward teen years, and past the formidable young adult years, motivation took on many different forms. Getting married and having children provided motivation for the care and well being of others. Many forms of motivation are good for us. For instance, we are motivated to work so that we can obtain what we need to function in life.

But what motivates us from deep in our hearts? What gives us that deep sense of peace that life and all that it encompasses is worth our best effort? I had recently started a 90-day exercise regimen that required me to complete 30 minutes of varied exercises for five days a week. The first 60-days seemed to go by without much challenge. As you might imagine though, the regimen suddenly felt like it had become redundant and it seemed that it was getting harder to find the time to complete the exercises. One day while working through a set I asked myself, what motivates me to do this? Am I doing this from a deep sense of who I am, or is this driven by an unconscious motivation to prove something to others or myself?

It is my belief that the reason that many of us start things and can’t seem to finish them, or begin things that sound good at the outset, can be due to misdirected motivation. I have learned through personal experience, and through the counsel of others, that one of the ways that we can realize true and lasting motivation, motivation to thrive and not just survive, is most successful when it comes from a true sense of who we are as well as our uniqueness in this world. Consider this; of the billions of people that have come to be, and are yet to be, there will only be one just like you! Yes, only one with your unique talents and gifts, never to be duplicated again.

King David celebrated his uniqueness in Psalm 139 when he proclaimed; “For you formed my inward parts; you wove me in my mother’s womb” (vs. 13). He was truly unique. Please take the time this week to read the entirety of Psalm 139. King David seems to have several moments where he is suddenly aware of his individuality, as well as the uniqueness of the loving God who created him. King David was a man who made some big mistakes, overcame Goliath, and found a special place in God’s heart.  I want to encourage you to celebrate your uniqueness today. You are an expression of the love of God in this world and there will never be another like you. May your motivation come from a deep sense of who you are and who’s you are.

If you need help finding your motivation or navigating life’s challenges, please let us help you.  Contact us at 214-368-7373 or inquiry@drennanacc.com.

David Van der Vieren, MA, LPC-Intern

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